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Market Navigator Advisory

Tactical Asset Allocation Advisory

Our approach to analyzing the markets relies on a fusion of otherwise separated disciplines when dealing with financial markets: macroeconomic, sentiment and behavioral analyses. We bring this together with the oldest discipline in financial market analysis: the chart. 

Putting price action on a chart in the context of quantitatively measured economic and sentiment dynamics enables the investor to get a well-rounded understanding about markets that helps him to avoid the biggest mistakes and benefit from future developments.

Our view on the market strives to combine the best from a variety of perspectives.

For that purpose, Crossbow has developed its own proprietary systems over the last years, where more than 10'000 data series are downloaded every day and hundreds of relevant ones are processed to create an in-depth but nevertheless highly condensed picture of global markets.

In addition, we maintain a global network of experts in the hedge fund, economic and geopolitical areas.

Services for Institutional-size Investors

Crossbow's market advisory helps institutional-size investors such as wealthy families or institutional investment committees with customized investment advisory services. 

These services can include:

- strategic and tactical asset allocation advice

- implementation of tactical views with futures overlays

- selection of traditional managers that have an absolute-return mindset

- selection and evaluation of hedge fund managers

As a part of such an advisory relationship, our clients may receive customized access to our Market Navigator tool which brings together technical and macro analysis, updated on a daily basis.


We offer the following advisory service levels:

- Portal access only (including two introduction sessions by telephone conference)

- Portal access & conference calls (by-weekly or monthly)

- Portal access & conference calls, plus participation in your investment committee



Example Signals Charts on Major Asset Classes

Swiss Market Weekly Composite Signals Chart
DAX Weekly Composite Signals Chart
10year Treasury Note Composite Signals Chart
10year Bund Future Composite Signals Chart

Our charts are the result of several years of development regarding data identification and combination. They combine very traditional technical analysis techniques like charting with proprietary technical indicators and also provide a highly condensed view on macroeconomic conditions.

In addition, the charts automatically show short-term and long-term fluctuation ranges and short-term tactical signals as well as signals on the very long-term trend, all in one view.