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Investment Philosophy


Experienced people and alignment of interests

  • We hire experienced partners who align their interests with our clients.
  • We rely on experienced managers who have a proven and successful track record over decades, invest the bulk of their own money into their funds and grant us transparency and direct access to the key people of their organisations.

Top-class investment process and risk controls

  • We believe in experience and discipline and adhere strictly to our investment process which has resulted in attractive risk-adjusted returns over time.
  • We are co-investing with managers that have a sustainable edge in their markets and apply rigorous risk control rules.

Avoidance of big losses

  • Our investment solutions strive to achieve stable returns and exploit the power of compounding efficiently.
  • Our goal is to protect our clients’ portfolios from a severe capital loss.

Diversification of return sources

  • We believe in a broad diversification of return sources.
  • We implement investment solutions that are barely correlated to traditional markets and therefore improve the efficiency of the clients’ overall investment portfolio.

Active investment approach at a reasonable pricing

  • Our solutions are based on a very active investment approach. Despite higher costs, this investment style has proven its value in the past, particularily during difficult times.
  • We are dedicated to constantly optimise costs and improve our clients’ net returns.